Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Yesterday afternoon, I got a call from Tony the Mortgage Fellow. He let me know that the lawyers want the yard debris removed. Awesome. Tony told me to get back to him after I was able to speak with the folks at Standards and Inspections and get it cleared up. Luckily, he called me after 4:30, which is when City Hall closes for the day. Great.

With this new request from the lawyers, and no way to get in touch with any inspectors, Amanda and I ate some pizza and went to the property to assess the debris. I figured we could throw what little was there into the garbage can and be done with it. Here it is:

This is a pretty big change from the last time I photographed the yard detritus:

As you can see, there are some new items, as well as some removals. Notably removed? The garbage can. Sweet.

An added item? The mattress. It has some well wishes written on it:

Hey mom, I got you a mattress for your birthday!

Anyways, Amanda and I, with nowhere else to put the garbage, dragged it all into the first floor apartment. That apartment will smell like a garbage factory in no time. This is great news. No it isn't.

While inside the apartment, I noticed a bunch of papers hanging on the wall in the kitchen. I decided to take a picture of them:

I sure hope the crazy JV team stripper that was squatting in the unit makes her appointment. It's tomorrow! Also, the appointment is for a foot doctor. I can only hope that the appointment is all a ruse to secure legally prescribed opiates. I like the odds.

Presumed drug addiction aside, Amanda and I cleaned up the yard and went home.

This morning, I called the Standards and Inspections folks to get an inspector out to the property as soon as possible. A woman took a message and told me that an inspector would be in touch.

An hour later, not satisfied with most experiences with the S&I folks, I called again to try to get a hold of the inspector in charge of the property violations. Basically, I wanted to talk to the man who will clear that violation to let him know how urgent it is. To my surprise, the same woman I had spoken to earlier let me know that the inspector had gotten her message and informed her that he had passed the house yesterday. This is good news.

It is also descriptive of how this has gone. If Tony had called me sometime before 4:30, I may have found out before having to clean the yard at all. This would have been, for obvious reasons, preferrable. Also, if anyone had looked into it, they would have found out that the inspector was on his way to the house yesterday and that it had passed. sadly, no one who is working on this stupid house (on Tony's side) has any sort of initiative.

I guess it's good that the house passed, but I'm still waiting for a closing update.

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