Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Tuesday Before Wednesday Funday

Quick update and idea (the idea has nothing to do with Real Estate).

The City folks faxed over the form I signed. Tony the Mortgage Fellow got it and sent it along to the people that need to see it. Now we wait. I will hopefully hear something today, but I'm not holding my breath, as they say. They being cliche machines. I'm sure I will hear something like "the closing is on, please show up in fifteen minutes."

Here's the idea (again, nothing to do with Real Estate):

I went to the crushing Celtics defeat in Game 3 last week. Upon filing into the TD Garden (ugh), the ticket folks were handing out terrible Thunder Sticks (inflatable small pool floats that you bang together in lieu of clapping):

*Aside* - I hate these things. A lot. I am by no means an old fogey (sp?), but I do cultivate a healthy disdain for all of the craziness that goes on at sporting events. The purpose is to engage the crowd as much as possible by playing songs/videos/etc during play. The insinuation is that crowds are not smart enough to know when to cheer/make noise/etc. That may be the case these days, since tickets cost too much and there are a lot of rich/disinterested people at the games, but still. I hate Thunder Sticks and the general dumbing down/noising up of professional sports. (Gino victory videos not included. Those are awesome) *Aside over*

Looking at all of the stupid plastic pool floats in the crowd, an idea dawned on me. Why not get a cymbal company like Zildjian or Sabian to sponsor 'Band Cymbal (and earplugs) Night'? This would be incredible. If you're going to tell the crowd how to cheer/make noise, why not prompt them to smash two giant cymbals together in unison right before an opposing players free throw? Who would be able to make that free throw? Dead silence from the crowd and when the player is bending his knees before release, an earsplitting clang blows out the windows of the stadium. This is a great idea. You cannot tell me otherwise.

A crowd full of this is my dream:

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