Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Richard Who Gives Me Money

Yesterday afternoon, I headed over to the house for a bunch of different reasons. The most important of those reasons was to meet with Richard Aube, the man who represents the bank that hands over money. Basically, as things are completed at the house, the bank hands over the money that they are keeping in escrow (yet I am paying interest on) that was set aside for the house repairs. Yesterday was the first meeting with Richard to show him what is being finished up.

Long story short, he took the tour and released about 17k of the funds. I will get a check in a week or so. That is great news.

When Richard was there, he got to see a crapton of workers painting the exterior of the house. Here are a few of them:

Also of note, Al Medina, general Contractor, had about, literally, 15 ladders laying down in my driveway and another 10 on top of his truck. He owns waaay too many ladders.

Before Richard got there, I lugged some cabinets from my car to the house, then had a chat with Al. As I mentioned in the last post, the City Inspector is trying his best to ruin me financially, so I wanted to discuss options with Al. He said there is really no way to get around having to do some electrical work, but there could be a cheap solution. He proposed cutting the electrical wires that feed Dan's Guest House in the main house's basement, then stuffing them into the hole that leads to Dan's Guest House. Once stuffed into that hole, he would plaster over it, sealing them in. See the image below for reference:

Looking at the above, Al would cut the wires right out of that box (behind Al's' veiny arm) and shove them into the wall (there's another hole for the wires underneath the pipes). once sealed, it will look like the wires have been taken care of and the City Inspector can stop complaining and clear Dan's Guest House of its horribly dangerous violations. I hope he is correct.

After work, Amanda and I both headed to the property, as Crazy Jeff Doors had left a materials list for me. He had finished up most of the work on the third floor and needed a few more things to complete everything. When we arrived, we were greeted by some sweet new front steps, nice and repaired:

After picking up the materials list, we headed to The Home Depot in the Ghetto Next To Wal-Mart and a Strip Club and picked up a bunch of counter-tops and closets doors and whatnot. a few hundred dollars later we dropped the stuff off at the house and headed out to dinner. We have gone out to dinner for close to 3 weeks straight. It is just the worst.

In living situation news, I trudged to the front desk of the Ramada Inn that we call home and extended our stay, yet again, for another week. Since I have no idea when electricity will flow through the property, I figured another week would be a safe bet. How abjectly depressing...

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