Monday, June 14, 2010

An Update To This Web Log

Not much has gone on in the last few days. Just kidding.

Last Thursday, Al Medina, General Contractor started working in the house. He's patched a bunch of walls and ceiling, primed two of the three floors, built a closet and probably done some other stuff that I didn't notice. Here's some proof:




I met with him that day to answer a few of his questions and walk through some things with him. most notable, he told me about not replacing counter tops, but instead, painting them. I was, and remain skeptical about the results, but counter top paint does, indeed exist. As you can see, something needs to be done about these counters:

Also of note, Amanda and I headed to Lowes and Home Depot to check out carpeting. As suspected, Home Depot has the less expensive carpeting for sale, so we went ahead and ordered a bunch of that. measurements will commence on Wednesday.

As for the plumbing and electrical work, I have hired an electrician, who will hopefully start tomorrow, and still need another quote from a plumber or two before deciding on that one. The electrician is the more important of the two, as the water already works, it just sucks. The electrical system is nowhere near being turned on.

This week? More priming/painting, hopefully some carpentry from Crazy Jeff Doors (who I am meeting at the house today after his two hour counseling session, no joke), hopefully some window installation, some painting, cleaning and closet completion on the third floor, and may many other things.

I'll keep you posted.

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