Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Weekend Plus Monday Bonus

Over the weekend, Amanda and I did a little bit of work in the house. Not on Saturday though. Saturday was reserved for driving to Newport so Amanda can learn a choreographed dance. It was fantastic. I mentioned this in this space awhile back. Read all about it.

Sunday was the light work day. We painted the third floor apartment walls. It was hot and sweaty. Here are a few painted walls (and a refrigerator. The rest of the appliances were delivered on Friday afternoon):

Also, it was a nice surprise to see that the exterior of the house is getting a new coat of paint. Al Medina, General Contractor and his employees spent part of the day on Saturday painting (well, priming) my house. It was awfully nice of them.

On to the meat of the news: Monday's call from the electrician. After getting the inspector to the house to take a look at the work, the electrician (who I will call Steve the Electrician) had some terrible, terrible awful news for me. He said that while the work he did was sufficient in the Inspector's eyes, the work he has yet to do is sub-sufficient.

Basically, Steve the Electrician relayed that Dan's Guest House makes the Inspector angry. He said that it is illegal and every wire must be stripped out of it. This was fantastic news and should cost me a fortune.

I will be talking to Al about my actual options (as ripping all of the wires out is not an option) and see if he can use some Portuguese Magic on the Inspector or something. Or at least he will give me a better option that will pass inspection. I really hope Al knows magic.

Oh, also, Steve the Electrician told me that if I am going to change out any light fixtures anywhere in any house, then the Inspector said that I must change out all of the electrical boxes that they are connected to. Just great news. It could be super extra bad news, but instead, I will wait to change out any light fixtures until after the final inspection is completed and the house is passed. I really don't like the Inspector.

On the bright side, Steve the Electrician finished up the meter boxes and the electrical panel clean-up in the basement (for $3,500, ugh). He also said that the Inpsector will probably release the house for power so I have been trying to get in touch with National Grid. Who knows how that will go...

Lastly, in the last post on this blog, I mentioned that my wife and I are tweens. My reasoning for this was our purchases of goggles and dive sticks for the pool at the Ramada Inn we live at. I have other reasons, and photographic proof of them:

Amanda does puzzles. A lot:


And I love Legos:

How awesome are those basketball hoop and lawnmower?

Also, related, I am not a "cool" person.

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