Thursday, June 24, 2010

Minor Update(s)

In electrical current news, the electrician sent along a text this morning letting me know that he got the Work Request number from National Grid and has passed it along to the Inspector. The Inspector now has to call national Grid to tell them everything is OK. I may get electricity some day. I don't know. I am not hopeful.

In carpeting news, I sat in The Home Depot yesterday for half an hour waiting for elderly people to purchase carpet. Once they were finished and had been yelled at by the clerk (not in a bad way, but in a 'the people I am talking to have poor hearing' way), I got to pay for the carpet that I wanted. I put the $1,057 on my awesome Home Depot card and await a call from the installers. Huzzah.

In off-putting Home Depot employees news (I wrote about another horrifying employee a while ago), I was helped during a different transaction a few days ago by a woman who had somehow split the tip of her thumb. In what I assume was a machinery accident, the tip of her right thumb was split down the middle and had healed without the sides of the split rejoining. What was left was a big gap in the middle (duh) and two tiny, but perfectly manicured thumbnails. On the same thumb. It was disturbing yet incredibly interesting looking. I need to purchase a hidden camera. Or get a reality show. I choose reality show, as they pay more than hidden cameras.

In replacement window news, the replacement windows I ordered came in yesterday. I have to wait until the 6th of July to get them installed because next week is apparently a short week for the installers. Crap to that.

In Crazy Jeff Doors news, Crazy Jeff Doors has learned to text. Poorly. Every once in awhile I receive a text message from him about his work or what he is doing or whatever. This is the text I received from him yesterday evening: Hey RYAN I DID ALL THE KNIT PICKY CRAP TODAY I HAVE QUESTIONS call me in the AM OK KIRK OUT. Most (all) of his texts have been like this. They are incredibly hard to read, but amusing nonetheless. Also, Kirk out?

Bonus Crazy Jeff Doors news: He worked at the house yesterday. Before he went to the house, he was with his Probation Officer. He never tells me anything about why he is late or going to be late, but he felt the need to let me know that fact. I love Crazy Jeff Doors.

In expensive purchases unrelated to the house news, I purchased an expensive laptop yesterday. I have been meaning to wait on purchasing said laptop, but Dell had a pretty great sale yesterday, so I caved. Why do you care? Because I purchased it with photo-editing and video-editing in mind. It is a beast of a computer and will make video editing much easier. That should lead to some good videos for this blog. Hooray?

Lastly, in researching expensive purchases unrelated to the house news, I researched all kinds of different laptop brands before deciding yesterday. Included in that search, and usually thought of as the standard for video editing, was the Apple MacBook Pro. How do people buy these things? I just don't understand it. From Dell, I got a monster of a laptop for more than one-thousand dollars less that an inferior performance-wise (not looks wise of course) MacBook. It isn't just marginally worse performance wise, it was significantly worse. You hipsters are the worst. And you have no logic center in your brain. And you, for some reason, keep Asics sneakers and the fixed gear bicycle industry afloat. Tards. I could go on and on about these horrible, style-over-substance people, but this post for minor updates has dragged on far too long already. Hopefully, however, I will have an awesome picture of a hipster bike for you in the near future. A hipster here at work sometimes rides it. It is incredible. Stay tuned...

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