Friday, June 19, 2009

Big Weekend Upcoming. I Hope.

Over the last week, a handyman and sometimes his dad and friend have been working on getting the second floor prepped for paint. Basically, creating mountains of joint compound dust and making everything smooth.

Once they finish up (today), the second floor will be ready to paint. I'm going to fill my paint sprayer with drywall sealer, point, and spray in all directions. It's probably going to be hilarious. Once sealed, it's time for ceiling paint. After that, it's wall paint. Once that's done, we can actually start moving stuff upstairs. Once stuff is upstairs, we will have at least one empty room to finish. Once that room is finished, we move stuff from another room into that one, and repeat. Holy moly.

It's a grand plan. It may not actually happen, but that's the plan this weekend.

I haven't yet finished the stupid wainscoting yet. I stink. That will be done this weekend as well.

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