Monday, June 8, 2009

Ho Hum.

Work is continuing, indoors and out, at my house. I'll admit I slacked off last week, both in the writing, as well as working departments. I have no excuse.

Over the weekend, lots of things were done; most involved outdoor work. Amanda and I planted some more bushes in the back yard, and that pretty much wraps up the landscaping. All of the sod is laid, and all of the plantings are in. All that remains is to put some sort of border around the newest bushes and to continue watering the stupid lawns for 18 hours per day.

Also finished up over the past week? Hanging some doors. All doors in the first floor hallway are up and actually close, so that's awesome. Proof:

On Sunday, I went and bought a crazy adjustable ladder from Home Depot, as it's time to start scraping/painting exterior window trim. I finished scraping, sanding and priming a window and a doorway yesterday. It's pretty tedious work and I dislike it greatly, but it's a significant improvement compared to the old red color. Only 37 more windows to go...

With the new ladder, I also cleared out the gutters on the side of the house. Filthy, disgusting work. I'd venture a guess that at least five years went by between gutter cleanings. Why do I know that at least five years went by? Easy. The roof on the house is at least five years old, probably older. When said roof was being installed, some roofer, or roofers, decided that a great place to store belts of roofing nails was in the gutters. They then left the nails in the gutter, to clog them for years to come. Tetanus anyone?

The last notable happening from the last week or so at the house has to do with the crazy man with the fat wife who was fixing door frames in the hallway. I came home late last week to find him watering the front lawn. I am not paying him for this, but he said he was out of wood, bored, and was waiting for a ride. Any time I don't have to spend watering a lawn is time I'd enjoy, so no big deal. He mentioned that in his boredom, he also installed a light fixture in the bedroom. That's great. Here it is:

If you'll notice, there is yellow insulation hanging out of the sides. Quality.

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