Thursday, June 25, 2009

Evening Work.

When I got home from work yesterday, it was busy. It was nice to see. Crazy Jeff Doors was cleaning up after another day of door hanging/trimming and Al Medina was building me some front steps. To say that the front steps were 'spongy' before yesterday is apt. They were pretty dangerous and rotted. Now they're rebuilt. Great.

After dinner, Amanda finished up painting the cabinet doors (which is fantastic) and I cleaned up/repaired the second floor bathroom floor. Once the holes were filled in and the floors were relatively dust free, I got to work laying vinyl tiles. It's a pretty easy process, but was made a little harder because the second floor has no lights. I had to use a flashlight for lighting. Great.

After three hours, a tube and a half of liquid nails, many tile cuts and lots of sweat, I ran out of tile. Since I'm an idiot and didn't buy the requisite "extra X percent of tile to account for cuts", I ran out. I probably have another half an hour to go in there before the floor is finished.

Hopefully, tonight I will prime the new stairs and finish up the tile in the bathroom. Since today is sunny (read: the cloud cover isn't quite as thick as usual. There's no actual sun shining on us, but it's as close as it's been to breaking through in seemingly weeks), I should be able to get the stairs done, and possibly a coat of color, without fear of losing it to a rain shower.

Amanda will hopefully hang the cabinet doors in the kitchen. That will look sterling.

I'll have some before/after pictures of the stairs and bathroom floor for you hopefully tomorrow.

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