Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Time Shares and Exhaustion

Over the weekend, I only worked at the house on Sunday. Here's the weekend recap:

Friday & Saturday - After work, I headed home with the intention of doing a little bit of work before packing and leaving for Lincoln, NH (more on this later). When I arrived home, there were seven men working in my house. It was craziness. There was an electrician upstairs, with two helpers, Crazy Jeff Doors, Al Medina and two helpers. If I went anywhere other than outside, I would have been in some one's way.

The good news about all of the workers being there is that things were finished up. There is not only light on the second floor, but crazy creature comforts like ceiling fans and working outlets. The electrician finished up on the second floor, so that's great.

Al Medina added a banister to the second floor, added some trim in the kitchen, and finished up his obligations. Also great.

Crazy Jeff Doors showed up and actually did work. Also great.

Amanda got out of work, took a shower and we headed to the car to drive to NH. Here are the proceedings from the trip, followed by a 1st grade report card inspired rating:

Drove to Lincoln (Satisfactory)
In 4 and a half hours (Unsatisfactory)
Checked into the resort (Satisfactory)
Found a Murphy Bed in the condo (Excellent)
Found a broken fireplace (Needs Improvement)
Went to Dinner (Satisfactory)
Enjoyed a hot tub (Excellent)
Hot tub closed after 10 minutes (Unsatisfactory)
Slept (Excellent)

Woke Up (Unsatisfactory)
Ate breakfast (Excellent)
Enjoyed a hot tub (Excellent)
Checked out (Satisfactory)
Met with a salesman (Needs Improvement)
Listened to sales pitch for 2+ hours (TERRIBLE)
Received free plane tickets (Satisfactory)
Left (Excellent)

That's right. Amanda and I went to a resort in Lincoln, NH to stay for free, listen to a salesman try to sell us a timeshare and get free airline tickets. The traffic, the bed and the salesman were just terrible. Thus, as of right now, it wasn't worth it. Once we go on two free trips to Venice or something? It might be worth it.

After that experience, we got some lunch with Judy and headed to Ikea. We bought a bunch of stuff and drove home.

Sunday - Amanda and I worked a lot. I added some trim upstairs, added some wainscoting in the first floor bathroom, built some furniture, assembled a closet organization system in the master bedroom closet, etc.

Monday - I put a bead of caulk around everything in the kitchen and started the baseboards in the second floor second bedroom. I only started them, not finished them, because I am an idiot and forgot to charge my circular saw battery. It died, and so did my hopes of finishing the trim.

Amanda threw some wood putty around, sanded, and painted some trim. Hooray.

As for the title of this post, and it's final noun, I am starting to get a little tired. I've been working until 11 every night and getting to work at 7:15 for the last week and a half or so. It might not seem like much, but I feel like I'm 75 years old. I am not. My back hurts, my hands are constantly sore, my knees are generally in pain, etc.

(Needs Improvement)

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