Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Finished up painting upstairs. Primer, ceilings, two coats of paint. Done. It only took 47 hours and roughly 37 gallons of sweat. It's hot up there.

In other news, General Contractor Al Medina is working at the house today to fix the front steps, install a banister to the second floor, and fix the bathroom and second floor bedroom floors (so I can order carpet and/or tile). That should wrap up his obligations at the house, which is kind of awesome.

Also, crazy Jeff Doors (I don't know his actual last name) is hanging some more doors upstairs today.

On Friday, the electrician should finish up his work on the second floor and I'll finally be able to get a quote from him on the first floor stuff (thanks Ron). We've managed to live pretty comfortably with a single outlet in the kitchen, surprisingly, but more than one would be nice...

I plan on laying some tile in the second floor bathroom (provided that the floor is fixed) tonight and generally continuing the trend of not sleeping enough and working/sweating/ingesting latex paint too much.

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