Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Not much went on yesterday, at least anything interesting. I completed step three of proper tile installation and sealed the heck out of it.

After dinner, I started to set up the sawhorses to cut some trim/wainscoting for the first floor bathroom, but it started to rain. I was shocked.

Resigned to the fact that I will only have one day per week to do things outside, I grabbed all of the kitchen drawers and sanded them. After sanding, they got a nice coat of primer. Since the humidity is hovering around 117 percent, the first coat wouldn't be dry enough to apply a second coat until hours later, so I called it a night.

While I'm at work, a person is happily sanding and mudding the second floor of my house. Yesterday, he brought his father along to help. When I came home from work, they were still there, just finishing up. Two things to note about the handyman's father:

1. His eyes are about 7 inches apart. It's jarring.

2. He seems like a very nice guy.

Those two things may be true, but it doesn't really stop him from being kind of dumb. When I walked into the house and set my stuff down in the living room, I noticed a person print, made of joint compound dust, on my couch. Perturbed, I backtracked outside, where the workers were, and asked who sat on the couch. Dad was the culprit.

When asking about the person print, I noticed that the driver of the truck parked in my driveway, presumably the father, had stopped with his rear passenger's side tire on top of a plant. Not a weed growing in between the cracks of the driveway, but a plant I had purchased and surrounded by inches of mulch. Awesome.

The last hint that dad might be a little slow? His chosen method of dust clean-up. When he rushed into the house to remedy the dusty couch problem, instead of getting something to brush the dust off with, he grabbed some paper towels and wet them. I don't know if you've ever dealt with dust in fabric before, but in my experience, wetting the fabric only makes things worse. Luckily, his son had already started cleaning up, sans-liquids, and the couch is looking good.

One thing I have yet to mention here is that I don't have cable. It's been quite some time since I have been without the constant murmur of the television, but it's kind of great. I did get the internet, which has basically every show we'd watch via bit torrent. I purchased a little device that I can hook my external hard drive up to and it plays 1080p videos on my huge TV. Below is a handy table of pros and cons, if you're thinking of getting rid of cable television:

The Cons - No live sporting events
- No Sportscenter with morning cereal
- On Demand was generally very good
- One day wait to download and view new episodes of shows

The Pros - My television bill has been reduced greatly
- I actually read a little bit now (could be construed as a con, but we'll keep it here)
- I don't have to wait for Netflix for Showtime (which I wouldn't have) shows
- I downloaded every episode of Hey Dude

Even if all of the other Pros didn't exist, it would still be worth it. Hey Dude is just fantastic. Next up? Salute Your Shorts.

This thing came apart.

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