Friday, April 17, 2009

Big Day.

Today is, relatively speaking, a big day. We're officially moving into the construction zone that is my house. It should prove to be a stressful day.

This is long.

Yesterday, after work, I headed over to the house to finish up the bathroom floor, and tape some paper down on the brand new looking hardwood everywhere. The paper should at least temper the inevitable scratches that the super extra hyper movers will leave.

When I got to the house, the plumber was there. He basically finished up what he needed to do (hooray.), which was install a new water heater, finish up the first floor bathroom plumbing and tweak all of the radiators. Not to mention fix the exploding boiler pipes. He did all of those things, which is fantastic. The bathroom works, the heat works without incident and the new water heater is set up. Everything, at least plumbing wise, is all set for us to move in. Sadly, there are some things that aren't quite ready for us.

Firstly, the Gas company, who was supposed to turn the gas on today, isn't going to do it until Monday. F. This is bad news because the hot water heater is gas operated. This could prove to be terrible. There's a 50/50 chance that we won't be taking any hot showers in the house this weekend. It's 50/50 because the boiler, which heats the first floor, acts as a water heater as well. If the pipes from the boiler run to the first floor shower, which is possible, we will be OK. If they do not, then we will not be OK and I'll have to shower at the very nice Bally Total Fitness in Pawtucket.

Another nice thing about the gas company not showing up this afternoon is that the time they gave me for Monday is 8am to 6pm. Convenient.

Secondly, Electrician Ron was supposed to set up the bathroom and kitchen with electrical outlets yesterday. He assured me, on Wednesday, that he would have the work done by the end of the day yesterday.

Around 10am or so yesterday, my cell phone rang and I saw that it was Electrician Ron. I couldn't answer it at the time, as I was working, but I said to myself, "f. He's calling to tell me that he won't be showing up today." My thought was stifled when he didn't leave me a voicemail message. I thought, "well, any normal human being with any sense of social norms would have left a message saying that he wasn't going to be at the house today. That must mean he called to let me know that everything in the bathroom and kitchen is done. That's a relief."

When I got to the house, I checked the kitchen and bathroom for any signs of electrical work. Nothing. Awesome. Not only did he not show up and do anything, but he didn't even have the nards to tell me he didn't show up and do anything.

I picked up my cell phone and gave him a call. I was greeted by the following:

"7am tomorrow."

Not the usual phone greeting, but at least it was informative...

After I let him know how much he sucks, and he repeatedly let me know that he'll be there at "7am", I hung up and continued to work. The bathroom floor is pretty much done (I just need to pull off a piece of door trim to place the last tile), the living room and dining room are papered for the movers and the heat and plumbing are in good working order.

I went home, had some dinner and went to sleep.

This morning, I headed over to the house and got there at around 7am. No Electrician Ron.

I started to paper off one of the bedrooms and fifteen or so minutes later, I heard ER stomping around. I didn't say a word to him and hopefully, he will actually do a portion of the work he's been paid to do. Lesson learned: Not only should I not pay someone before the work is complete (I am dumb) but I shouldn't hire Electrician Ron for anything ever. Neither should you. Ron Costa is terrible.

Next update will be on Monday, as we won't have internet or cable at the house. I will probably miss the Celtics playoff game(s). Humph.


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