Thursday, April 16, 2009

I Used To Buy Vinyl.

When I lived in Philadelphia, I used to buy vinyl. My favorite store for it was The Marvelous, on 40th and Walnut. They had bins and bins of 2 for 99 cent records. I loved it.

Now that I live in Rhode Island, my go to store for vinyl products is Home Depot. It is much worse. I don't enjoy floor tiles as much as I enjoy records. Being an adult is kind of crappy.

Stories aside, I went to the house yesterday after work and got to work on the first floor bathroom, again. With a relatively clean floor, I started laying out the tiles and sticking them to the existing floor. What a pain. 18 million vinyl tile cuts and a few hours later, it was too dark to continue. "Too dark," you say? Yes, too dark. Since the electrician didn't do what I asked him to do, there's no light anywhere near the bathroom. Awesome. Thanks Dumb Ron.

I finished up with about 75% of the floor, so that's good, but I really wanted to finish the entire thing. Since I didn't finish, I'll have to do it again today after work.

One flooring realization: I need to buy knee pads. *insert favorite homoerotic joke here* My knees are killing me today.

On tap for today? Home Depot at lunch. Buy a bunch of crap to finish off the bathroom. Stop by the house. Drop it off. Back to work. Finish my work day (lame). Back to the house. Finish the floor. Plug in the fridge. Paper the floors to get them ready for the movers. Sleep (awesome).

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