Thursday, April 30, 2009


Yesterday was another relatively boring day as far as house progress goes. More trim sanding, priming, etc. I found out that LowesT has ceiling paint for about $30 less than Home Depot (for 5 gallons) so that's now my go to ceiling paint store. Sure, the cheaper paint may end up flaking off in six months, but I don't plan on living here six months from now, so I'm OK with it.

Portuguese Manny, who is an expert plasterist, was back to work on my second floor, taping and mudding up the drywall joints. He should be finished up by the end of this week. Very good.

As for the ongoing Electrician Ron saga, no word from him at all yesterday. I called him this morning and he actually answered his phone. Instead of a regular salutation, he went with, before he uttered any other words, "Sick like dog." Apparently he is sick. Also, apparent? He likes a good turn of phrase, since as best as I can tell, he left out important parts of the sentence (a, I'm) in order to construct a sentence very near to the more famous, "strong like bull." Clever.

My over the phone diagnosis? He smokes too much and is a bit of a whiner.

My over the phone prognosis? Not good. He will need bed rest for the next 18 weeks.

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