Monday, April 20, 2009

Weekend (and Friday)

We moved. Into the house I'm continually writing about. It's really very weird.

Friday - After work, I went over to the house to finish up papering the floors to get ready for the movers stomping all over them. When I went into the house, I checked to see what Electrician Ron had done that morning at "7am". The answer? The bare minimum. He put one electrical outlet in the wall in the kitchen, so we can plug the fridge in, as well as hanging the bathroom lights. He put the over the mirror light in off center (awesome) and left a bunch of broken glass on the floor of the bathroom. He broke a light bulb and left some of the pieces on the floor. He's really the best.

Floor papered, I headed to our apartment and got cracking packing up the electronic stuff. I packed the ps3 and the Wii (both very important) and started on the computer when the movers arrived. I let them in and they got to work flying around the apartment throwing all of our stuff into boxes. When I finished with the computer I got them some drinks and stopped working. It was fantastic (aside from when the crazy movers would regale me with stories about their kids or other moves or random trivia or something). Amanda showed up a little later and joined me in not working.

Once the packing was done, they followed me over to the house to unpack the trucks. A few minutes after they started, I got a call from someone selling tools on craigslist. I drove to downtown Providence and met him. I bought a Ryobi tool set, still in the shrink wrap for $70 bucks. It's in the link below, but from last year. Same tools, minus one battery and plus a flashlight and radio (I would take the extra battery over the flashlight/radio combo, but for $70, I can't complain too much).


The movers finished up and left us. We had officially moved into a disaster of a house, and it was kind of exciting.

We unpacked a few things (but not much), had some dinner and went to bed.

Saturday - We woke up to the same big mess and almost immediately went out for breakfast (no stove yet). After some sloppy food at Newport Creamery, we got back to the house and found a message from my parents on my slowly dying cell phone. Apparently, they were going to head down to RI for the day to get us a wedding gift. A washer and dryer. Sweet. I called them back and they would be in RI in a few hours, so Amanda and I went to our former residence to get it clean and do some laundry.

Laundry and cleaning finished, and with my parents there, we headed to some lunch, then to your friendly neighborhood Sears. While at Sears, a salesman (of which there are thousands. It's pretty overstaffed), came up and asked if we needed any help. We didn't need it yet, as we were just browsing around.

A few minutes later, a different salesman came up to us and asked if we needed any help, during the exchange, the salesman who approached us earlier quickly said, "hey *what's his face*, can I see you for a second?"

I heard this and said, "that other salesman just pulled *what's his face* away, making sure that he got our business, and not *what's his face*. That's weird." My father took note.

When we picked out the appliances and were ready to have my parents pay for them, my dad went over to get *what's his face*. Before he could reach him, he had to pass by the original salesman, who immediately perked up. My dad said, "nope, we want *what's his face*." Original salesmen was devastated, and I was thoroughly embarrassed. After calling my dad a dick, we proceeded to give *what's his face* the pertinent info and set up delivery for next Saturday. Sweet. On our way out, it looked as though original salesman was going to punch my dad (or at least my mom, who is much smaller than Paul), but sadly, no confrontation occurred.

We got back to the house, unpacked a little bit, got some help moving some things around (not to mention 5lbs of steak tips from my parents. Thanks again), set up the TV, Wii and ps3 and my parents were on their way back to NH. Amanda and I got some snacks and watched Delirious (without the extra language):

Sunday - Long day. We got up, had some breakfast and got to work. Amanda started cleaning out the kitchen, which had accumulated pretty much everything you can imagine in it. I started on the bathroom. I put up the remaining strips of drywall, put some more joint compound up on the walls and put another bead of caulk around the tub.


Trip to Home Depot, back to work. Started stripping the super old layers of paint off the window and door trim. I got some awesome sort of super chemical at Home Depot that makes the paint bubble up and you can scrape it off (thanks for the tip dad). Since the old homeowner (dis-Handyman) used latex paint (several times) over the stained and urethaned wood, under all of the paint it was basically seeping stain everywhere. A big mess.

Amanda finished up the kitchen and papered the floor on the second floor so we can add joint compound and paint to the walls. After all of this, we ate some steak tips (delicious) and I got to work reversing the hinges on the fridge. I got the doors off, got the hinges installed on the opposite side and took a closer look at the doors. This wasn't going to work. F. While the manual says that the doors are reversible, it became clear, only after an hour of fighting with screws and bolts, that I would need to drill into the door and find a way to plug a screw hole on the opposite side of the door. I'm not about to ruin the brand new fridge. Defeated, I put the hinges back on the other side, reinstalled the doors and cried. A lot.

I read some of a book and went to bed. Long weekend, and long blog post, finished.

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