Monday, April 27, 2009


Not much to report from the weekend. A lot of hard work happened, but mostly things that would bore you. Sanding, priming and painting.

A washer and dryer, courtesy of Judith Ann and Paul Frankin Topham, were delivered on Saturday. They were hooked up and all of that in the basement. Our piles of laundry up stairs were excitedly waiting to be washed, but alas, the Sears fellows let me know that the cold water line leaks. It needs to be replaced. sweet.

Another lovely plumbing issue presented itself. Also awesome. The drain from the kitchen sink leaks in the basement. I smell another big check to my plumber. Sigh...

Something of note happened on Sunday that had nothing to do with the house, but made me audibly gasp. While I was making some lunch on the grill, I noticed my neighbor (the non-crazy one) had a hat on. I could only see the hat, not the rest of him, because of the big white fence between us. I wish that the fence was taller. A taller fence may have just made it's way into my budget. Why? because when he walked up his back stairs to enter his house, he nodded hello and I could see his gut. And his nipples. Not pleasant.

What I gleaned from this small encounter was that my neighbor likes to sunbathe in his yard on nice days. He's paler than I am (which may not be possible), has a very big belly, and some very gross, very pointy, almost triangular b-cups. It's one thing to see a man built like that at the beach or something, but I certainly didn't expect to see such a thing in the middle of Providence while minding my own business in my back yard.

Neighbors aside, I have a big visit from the guy who gives me money tomorrow and hopefully, he'll cut a nice sized check.

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