Tuesday, April 28, 2009


More boring work on Monday. I don't mind it, but you'll find it super boring. Painting kitchen cabinets. Amanda painting the bathroom. Ho hum.

Today is a bigger day, as the guy who hands me money will hopefully do his job and hand me some money (or at least authorize the release of said money to me). I meet with him on my lunch break today so he can see what's been done in the house.

Also, Electrician Ron is supposed to head to the house to finish up the first floor electrical stuff (replacing outlets and switches, installing the range hood, finishing off the cable outlets, etc). Will he show up? I have no idea.

Another big thing today? I'm going to use those Celtics tickets I bought. Should be a decent time tonight.

Lastly, a question for you: Is Joakim Noah (Bulls starting Center) inbred? You be the judge...

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