Wednesday, April 15, 2009


After work, I headed over to the house in hopes of laying the vinyl bathroom floor tiles. Nope. I stink.

When I got there, I threw on my work at the house clothes and started working at the house. I got cracking by cleaning the the hell out of the bathroom floor. After I dragged all of the stuff out, I swept, vacuumed and mopped up. Once I had done that, I scraped the floor with a razor blade, and mopped it up again. The floor was very wet. Tile adhesive doesn't much like wet surfaces. I decided that instead of letting the floor dry while I did work somewhere else in the house, I let the floor dry while I drove home.

On the way home, I gave the electrician a call and told him to do actual work. He told me he's stuck in some "big cooling job" and the first time he could get to the house is Monday. I explained to him that he would in fact be at my house this week, as we need electrical outlets in the bathroom and the kitchen, because we're moving in before Monday. I also mentioned that he had plenty of time to do the work when I was gone for two weeks, but he decided not to set foot in the house the entire time. He said he couldn't get in because of the floors being refinished, so I reminded him that the wood floors aren't in the kitchen, the bathroom or the path to each of them, and thus, his work wasn't actually effected by the floors. I also told him that he's already been paid and he didn't do anything for two weeks, so he's going to at least get the bathroom and kitchen done by Thursday. He agreed.

That said, after work today, it's time to put the vinyl tile down.

Lastly, here's a list of things that I've purchased so far that I've always wanted:

A huge T-Square - got it.
A Shop Vac - got it.
A Reciprocating Saw - got it.

I still have some things left, as far as renovating goes, but so far I'm pleased with the above list. next up? A paint sprayer and a circular saw. Hopefully craigslist will come through for me for those things...

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