Friday, April 24, 2009


I called Electrician Ron roughly 74 million times over the last few days. I hung up when the voicemail started, left a lot of messages, and got hung up on a few times. Yesterday, he answered his phone.

I'm pretty sure he didn't know it was me, as he started off with something like "I'll be back at 5." I had no idea what he was talking about, and was frankly shocked that he answered. After he mumbled through some inaudible sentences, I asked, "What?"


I asked again.

More silence.


The only reasonable explanation I can conjure is that he thought I was someone else, then realized it was me and stopped talking, then hung up.

Immediately after I realized that he had hung up on me, I called him three more times in a row. No answer. I left a message along the lines of, "it was great to hear the sound of your voice. Glad you're not dead. I know your phone works. Etc." I kept trying to call him every hour or so thereafter, with no answer.

When I left work, my phone beeped (it does that all the time when you miss a call, have a message or when it wants to annoy me). I flipped it open and saw that I had a missed call. Caller? "Electrician". Could it be true? It can't be. It is!

I immediately called him back and sure enough, someone, possibly even Ron Costa himself, answered the phone. He's apparently in LA and won't be back until Sunday. He'll come to my house on Tuesday. I remain skeptical of both his story, as well as his promise to work on Tuesday. If he shows up on Tuesday with a slight tan, I guess he was telling the truth on both counts.

Other than that, not much happened yesterday. I picked up some things from Home Depot, sanded some walls in the kitchen and looked up a place to get kitchen cabinets, which I will hopefully get today (at a Tent Sale no less. I hope there's cotton candy...).

Amanda got a sweet Dremel attachment and is patiently sanding the window trim's intricacies.

Busy weekend ahead.

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