Thursday, April 23, 2009

Electrician Ron and the Paint Eater

As stated earlier in the blog, Ron Costa, electrician, sucks. He's been paid, but hasn't finished his work. Worse? He won't return phone calls. My first strategy was to call him and leave a message. That didn't work. I have now turned to calling him at least once an hour, leaving a message with my phone number in it, in case he's misplaced it. It isn't working either.

While the strategy might not be getting the results I'm looking for (a call from him), it is apparently annoying the hell out of him. Three times yesterday when I called, he picked up the phone, only to hang up almost immediately. Awesome. I don't know if that's progress, as he at least picked up the phone, or if it's instead a step back. Who knows.

After work and between phone calls, I headed to Home Depot to get something that I hoped would be awesome. I saw, while researching painting tools (we have a lot of painting to do) this thing called The Paint Eater. It's basically an orbital sander with a purple chunk of sea anemone that attaches to it. It's weird looking.

I don't plan on reviewing tools on this blog, as there are plenty of reviews out there, but I'll give this one a quick pro's and con's. I'll use the compliment sandwich technique, which layers two compliments around a criticism.

Compliment - It's named The Paint Eater

Criticism - The cord is only five inches long

Compliment - It's awesome

As you can see (read), the thing is great. It makes quick work of the many many layers of paint stuck to the trim in the house. I love it. I can't wait to go home again to use it. Sure, I'll be blowing dust and paint chunks out of my nose for the rest of the day, but who cares? It's great.

Here are some pictures of where we are currently living. I took them on Saturday.

Kitchen (with new fridge):

Dining Room:

Living Room:

"Jerk Off Area":

Mud Room (where they put a lot of our crap):

Second Bedroom (where the rest of our crap is):


Bedroom Where We Sleep Right Now:

What a mess.

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