Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tuesdays With Celtics

I learned two things yesterday, unrelated to my current home:

1. If I (or Amanda) am in attendance, it's game number 5 in an NBA playoff series, the series is tied at two games apiece, it's Tuesday, it's in Boston, I have eaten two hot dogs before the start of the game, and I am wearing sneakers, then the Celtics will win a game in a ridiculously exciting manner and I will be a bundle of nerves for the majority of the fourth quarter.

Another Tuesday, another bananas Celtics Game 5.

2. From my seats, very very close (1st row) to the Magic (how do you make that plural-possessive? Magics'?) bench I concluded that humans did not actually evolve from apes. We instead, and Hedo Turkoglu is my proof, were preceded by slack eyed half-retards. Not quite animal, but not entirely human either. Case in point:

This next point is also unrelated to my house, so I apologize, but how can a team owner name a team something that isn't plural? It makes it very awkward to say in many situations. What is a player called on the Orlando Magic? A Magic? Amanda, and this sounds the best, suggested "Magician". Is that really what we should be calling them? Dwight Howard, Magician? No one wants to drag out their sentence by saying "a Magic player" repeatedly. This is inexcusable.

Other offenders? The Oklahoma City Thunder. The Miami Heat. (Really guys? Weather phenomena?) The Minnesota Wild. (What?) As someone who has had language nuance drilled (thanks Paul) into him from a very young age, these naming transgressions bother me. Greatly.

On the house front, nothing was done yesterday, as I went to a game. The one remaining basement window was installed this morning (I hope) and I have an electrician coming this afternoon for a quote on the Ron Cleanup Project.

Also, still no check from Ron. He's the best. I'm going to start the calling campaign again, work my way up as the week goes on.

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