Friday, May 1, 2009

Budget Fun

More of the same last night. Still no cable (thanks Ron) so I listened to the Celtics game while Amanda sanded and I threw a few coats of primer around the living room trim and fireplace.

Since there isn't much to report, I figure I will give an update on the money spent. I'll break it out by where I spent it, rather than what it was on, as that's how I have my spreadsheet organized (easier to track receipts). It's a lot of money spent. A lot. - $339.19

Bought fixtures and smoke detectors from there. Cheapest I could find.

Bargain Outlet - $675.16

The only place I could find that had in-stock kitchen cabinets that look similar to the ones already in the house. Plus the place is super cheap and they were already built. This place is awesome.

Discount Disposal - $864

The cheapest huge dumpsters I could find. I went way over budget with this, as I didn't plan for a second dumpster, and one was needed. F.

Home Depot - $3,399.95


Ikea - $295.74

Bought the vanity/sink combo for the master bathroom.

Drywall Guy - $970

Paid a man and his crew to hang drywall everywhere on the second floor. I didn't account for this expense, but it was worth the money.

Lowes - $369.07

I feel bad giving all of my money to Home Depot.

Joe Merritt - $5,000

I budgeted 6k for plumbing in the house and so far, it's under. I have another $300 I owe him, plus whatever it's going to cost to fix the basement leaks. I might be right on budget for this. Who knew?

Movers - $650

I didn't budget anything for the movers, but it was definitely worth it. When I moved to RI for my job, the company paid for people to move us. They packed all of our stuff, loaded and unloaded everything. I am officially spoiled. Plus, these guys were super cheap (as meth prices are down apparently) compared to every other mover I talked to ($1k+ estimates).

Ocean State Heating - $134.18

This was to fix the viscosity problem. Very colorful money spent.

Pilgrim Title - $8,595.83

These were closing costs. Ouch.

Electrician Ron - $2,550

Electrician Ron's bill was not planned for. Every dollar I've given him is outside of the budget, as they were all issues that came up after an inspection.

Sears - $1,640.03

Sears has the cheapest stainless steel appliances, and thus, I pay them. This doesn't include the money my parents spent on the washer and dryer, although it probably should.

U-Haul - $167.17

Since I don't own a truck, I need to rent a truck to pick up appliances. U-Haul is the least expensive (although, looking at the price of two rentals, I might rethink that).

Universal Oil - $165

I had to put oil into my boiler. In order for my boiler to get oil, I have to have someone put a bunch into my oil tank.

Venture Windows - $6,338

New windows are $338 dollars more expensive than I thought.

If my math is correct (Microsoft's math rather) that's a grand total, so far, of $32,581.97.

That doesn't take into account what has been paid to my general contractor. it probably should, but whatever. I also will be over budget a little more than I'd like to be because of tool purchases. I'm OK with that, as I have some sweet tools that I can use on the next house, which I won't have to buy then (obviously).

In short, I have somehow managed to spend 32 grand in the last few months from my bank account. I've been paid back some of it by Richard Who Will Pay Us, but not nearly close to that amount. I have no idea where all of this money is coming from, but it's kind of frightening. Also frightening? I've spent all of this money, but still can't plug in a stupid stove.

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