Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Am I a Sissy? You Be the Judge.

I'm getting a big reaction, mostly negative, in the form of thousands of emails from readers of this blog. The emails I'm getting are attacking my character, manhood and general athleticism. While factually, they are all correct (as I have no character, manhood or general athleticism), they are incorrect in citing the dragging the tub up the stairs story (see yesterday's super long post) as evidence of said shortcomings.

In short, these emails are saying such things as, "what a sissy. Tubs are small and easy to carry," and "boy, Ryan is a wimpy type of guy. I'm sure glad I don't have to date him," and "I am dating you. You are a real sissy. As a former gymnast, I could definitely lift that tub up over my head and throw it up the stairs. The wedding is off."

You get the picture.

As proof that I am indeed not, in fact, an enormous pansy, here is a photo I just snapped of me standing in a poncho (you never know when it might rain) next to the tub. It is not trick photography, nor is it altered in any way.

Eat that jerks.

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