Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Boring Monday

Not much happened yesterday. I worked at work and Al Medina (my contractor) and crew worked at the house I bought (I hope).

Electrician Rob did call me to let me know that he needed the balance of the $800 I owe him for the amp conversion. He drove to my office and let me know that he's getting killed in this tough economy because "when the economy is down, everyone wants you to do stuff for nothing. Al doing a great job for you, but he's killing me" I nodded and kept writing the check. Three hundred dollars later, and he was on his way.

This week's lineup? Nothing today, huge drywall delivery Wednesday, window installation Thursday, Visit from Richard (the guy who is controlling my money in escrow) on Friday, inhale dust from joint compound from drywalling all weekend, among other things.

Sorry for the boring post, again. Here's my favorite part from Uncle Buck:

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