Tuesday, March 24, 2009


At lunch today, I met the guy who was hopefully going to fix my oil/boiler problem. He drained a bunch of "shit" out of the oil tank and eventually got the boiler fired and running. I paid him $130 and he was on his way. Hopefully the house isn't currently burning to the ground, taking Electrician Ron with it...

Two things interested me today. The first one being the word "viscous". Three people who work in the plumbing and heating industry have all asked me what I mean when I say "viscous". How is this possible? My regular plumber, this heating specialist and the oil company all don't know what "viscous" means. I can see maybe my regular plumber not knowing, as he doesn't do much in the oil department, but a heating specialist and the oil company? Isn't one of the defining characteristics of oil, with which these people are supposed to be professionals, its viscosity? I remain in awe of these working professionals.

The second interesting thing today was the small talk the heating guy chose. (In the below, I will substitute expletives with replacement words in red text)

Heating Guy - "Did you hear about that dumb beeword who wants 53 grand a week?"

Ryan - "What?"

HG - "Yea, there's this effword beeword somewhere who's trying to get 53 grand a week for alimony."

R - "I haven't heard about that. Where is it?"

HG - "I don't know, some beeword thinks she needs that much to live every week. What a stupid effword seaword. That's why I told my boys early on to not mess around with girls. You gotta be careful who you choose. Dumb beeword."

Sound advice. And considering the plans Amanda and I have for the next couple of weeks, timely.

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