Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Things Assorted

During lunch yesterday, I headed to my lawyers office to get some sort of authorization form notarized. It has something to do with pulling permits or something. I don't know. After it was signed and stamped, I headed to the house to give it to my contractor. They were hard at work when I got there, having ripped out some sinks and stoves and had started to frame up some new walls in the empty side of the second floor. Impressive.

Before I left, I grabbed my Dremel and bored out a little bit of the deadbolt hole in the door. I don't know if you've ever used a Dremel on wood before, but it basically sands it down by singeing it. I smelled of burned wood for the rest of the day.

After work, Amanda and I headed back to Lowe's T to figure out if those kind of fake stainless steel appliances look decent or not. here are the ones I had in mind:

I'm still undecided. They're much cheaper, but look kind of tan in some lights. I'll head to Sears today after work to see what Kenmore has to offer in the way of fake stainless steel. I hope they look better, to make my decision a little easier:

As for today? Another lunch visit to meet up with my 203k fellow, who will be drawing money from my loan and handing it to my contractor. Thereafter, my contractor will hand some to me, as I've already handed out a bunch of money for things. I'm some sort of subcontractor or something.

Lastly, here's some video of tearing down some walls and cabinets. The best part is around 1:20, when Amanda lets us know how much she likes smashing things with a simple exclamation.

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