Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Big Things Popping.

Big news. The main water valve was cranked to the 'on' position yesterday, and nothing exploded. This is sterling news. I fully expected a radiator or sink or something to go shooting through the roof and into a tree when the water hit them, but thankfully, it didn't happen.

The plumbers finished up fixing the boiler and plumbing the master bathroom, so it was time to test the water. They opened the main valve and water slowly crept through the pipes in the house. Nothing catastrophic happened and the basement is not flooded.

The bad news is, they fired up the boiler and it didn't hold a flame. Apparently, the oil running to it, which feeds the flame, is a little less viscous than it should be, and that could cost me some money. I just had the oil company dump 100 gallons in, for $165, but I may have to have them clean out the tank and refill it. The plumber is going to buy some sort of new nozzle and see if that works, but he's not optimistic. I should know by Thursday. Yippee.

I went over there early this morning to drop off a huge bucket of joint compound (because I forgot to drop it off yesterday. I am a retard). The basement wasn't flooded and no pipes had exploded anywhere, so the water system may be still in good shape, which is probably great news.

On the docket for the day today? A huge and expensive dry wall delivery.

Oh, and the dumpster that was supposed to be picked up on Monday is still sitting in my driveway. If you recall, when they tried to deliver it, the truck they used was too big to fit into the driveway. Apparently, the dumpster company didn't recall the problems that they had, so they went there with the same big truck, had the same problem and ended up leaving it there. Awesome.

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