Thursday, March 19, 2009

Neighbor's Husband

As I mentioned before, one of my neighbors is crazy. You can read about her here if you like. Well, what kind of guy do you think would decide to spend his life married to such a woman? An awesome one? Nope. A super awesome one? More likely.

I met him last weekend and somehow forgot to write about him. My apologies. Four facts:

First thing about him? Under bite.

Second thing? Looks smelly.

Third thing? Is smelly.

Fourth thing? Gives extra long, very firm handshakes.

Not just one. Multiple handshakes. Introduction handshake ("Hi, my name is *insert name Ryan forgot*"). Welcome to the neighborhood handshake. Congratulatory handshake ("Congrats on the home purchase"). Congratulatory handshake 2.0 ("My wife tells me you're getting married"). Exit handshake ("Nice meeting you, good luck, etc").

Not only is he cavalier with his handshake quantity, he holds your hand for an uncomfortable amount of time. It's absurd really. Ten seconds, and I'm not joking, after my hand went limp, he was still shaking away.

I came to a conclusion when thinking about why one would shake someones hand seconds after the recipient had effectively quit on the shake. I realize that he is trying to counter my, and any one else's 'slow sidle' technique for conversation avoidance. If he is holding my hand, I can't creep further away and slowly escape.

I guess he's smarter than he looks; which isn't very hard to be.

As for the weekend, I'll be working in the house today, tomorrow and Sunday. Hooray. The window installers forgot one basement window (sigh) so I'll have to wait for that one to come in. Plus, the framing inspector didn't show up yesterday, so hopefully he'll head over there today. We can't start putting up the drywall until he gives everything the OK, so it's kind of important that he go there soon.

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