Monday, March 16, 2009

Week 1 Progress

I'll have an extensive update sometime later today, but for now, here are some before/after images of the progress made in the first official week of work at the house.

Gross Bathroom. None of the wallpaper, all of the under wallpaper mold.

Here's the ceiling that had to be dropped to accommodate the Master Bathroom plumbing. It's only been dropped a few inches, so not many people will notice.

Here's the entry to the house. Before, the mud room wall was butted right up against the door. I added a few inches to the entry way width, to make it symmetrical. The mud room is a little smaller, but no big deal.

Here's the top of the stairs on the second floor. Skylights were added (awesome), the bathroom wall was extended out to make room for a shower, and a doorway was framed so it's a bedroom, rather than a big weird studio at the top of some stairs.

The mud room. No more terrible closet. Moved the doorway over a few inches, so the frame isn't right against the wall.

The dining room. The weirdo interior windows looking into the mud room are gone. New blue board is up in their place.

Here's the kitchen. The old, 18 layers of paint bead board is gone. There's also now a big hole in the wall looking into the dining room.

The unfinished room in the attic got a bunch of framing and electrical work done to it. There were two closets framed up, one on each side of the windows. It's just waiting for sheet rock.

Lastly, here's the master bedroom walk in closet. Before, it was a tiny, weird little closet. Now it's huge.

That's it for pictures. In all, a lot got done in the first week. All of the framing upstairs is done. All of the electrical work upstairs is done. The plumbing is coming along. The first floor has new ceilings. The first floor has a bunch of new walls (drywall & skim coat). The house has been upped to 200 amps, from 100.. The dumpster is totally full. All the wallpaper is down. The neighbors are crazy. I'm tired. Etc.

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