Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Home Depot

Yesterday, I wrote about getting 200 cement blocks delivered in order to get a retaining wall up. I ordered them on Saturday and scheduled a delivery for yesterday. I got a phone call during the day letting me know that the delivery was on its way and would be waiting in my driveway when I got home.

After work, I drove home, changed clothes, got all my tools out and got ready to dig for, lug around and install a retaining wall. Once ready, I inspected the delivery. F.

Here's what I ordered:
Here's what I got:
The good folks at the ghetto Home Depot delivered 200 rectangular chunks of cement, but the wrong 200 rectangular chunks of cement. Awesome. Instead of the wall pieces, they sent 200 wall caps. I have a palate of wall toppers sitting in my driveway. I was, and remain, nonplussed.

I called the Home Depot back and asked if I could get the things I had ordered, rather than a random product loosely related to what I had ordered. The associate chuckled, and let me know that the next delivery they can do is Thursday. Awesome. I agreed, as I didn't have much a choice, and am stuck with a problem. In order to lay the sod correctly, I need a retaining wall in the front, holding up a bunch of dirt. Here's where the wall will be going (to the right of the driveway):

If sod is laid down in the front yard without that wall, the sod will not reach where it needs to go. In order to make sure that the wall is sturdy, I have to backfill it with dirt. Because of this backfilling, there will be a few inches of new dirt in between the top of the wall and the current lawn. If the sod is laid down before the wall is up, the configuration will be new sod, new dirt, new wall. Not the best look.

I guess I'll keep a strip of sod siting in my driveway and water it daily in hopes of keeping it alive. Once the wall is up, I can lay (plant?) the sod on the new dirt? I have no idea. It definitely won't work.

The sod should be going in today, weather permitting, and the wall isn't up. Hooray.

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