Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Weekend in NJ.

Updates are coming slower. I stink. Also, the work at the house isn't all that interesting.

On Friday, I went home after work and got cracking with the yard work. It was the first nice day in a few weeks, so I figured it might be my last chance to rake something. Four hours and 11 paper yard waste bags later, and I had three quarters of the back yard raked. Slow going.

The rest of the weekend I spent driving to and from New Jersey for Amanda's sister's college graduation. We drove back to RI on Sunday and went to bed. See? Uninteresting.

Yesterday, I met with a landscaper to get a quote for laying sod in the yards. She was one of the uglier women I've ever seen. Really very ugly. I mentioned to Amanda that I think I'd rather make out with my mother for 45 seconds than this kiss woman/troll. Looks aside, I hope she gives me a good quote for lawn and garden needs.

During the measuring of the yard, I heard my crazy neighbor yelling my name from inside of her house. Posture sagging, I turned and said hello.

Crazy Neighbor - "Let me tell you something about that yard. Let me tell you a story. I've got a story for you about that back yard."

Ryan - "Ok."

CN - "There used to be a pool back there. And let me tell you something about that pool."

R - "Ok."

CN - "In that yard there, there used to be a pool. Right in the back there. One year, way back, one of the neighbors was driving into their garage, smashed through their garage and do you know where their car landed?"

R - "I can tak..."

CN - "Right in that swimming pool!"

R - "...e a guess..."

CN - *horrid witch cackle* "So that's a story about the back yard!" *cackle*

Here's a photo of the back yard (from last year some time) to give you an idea of how a car can fill a swimming pool. The big blue building is the neighbors garage/stunt track:

After that, she retreated into the depths of her old home (which never has the blinds up, thankfully) and I was left to deal with the landscapers.

On the Ron Costa front, I've been playing phone tag with someone that will supposedly help me file a complaint against him. No progress there, and still no check (gasp!).

This week I plan on getting the yard ready for some plantings so they can be a little grown in when it's time to sell (in 18 months or so). Looking forward to the long weekend.

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