Monday, May 11, 2009


Ron Costa is awesome. You know this already. I just feel like it needs to be said again. He's the best.

The work done over the weekend wasn't all that notable, but some things were done. The Portuguese Plaster Specialist finished up mudding the joints on the second floor on Saturday morning, so I need to apply another coat, sand and paint.

Amanda finished up the windows in the living room, so everything but the ceiling in there now has paint on it. Exciting.

We fought with the stove for a little while to put it into place, but we now have a working stove. The only problem is, our counter tops are disgusting and neither of us really want to use them for anything but drying rollers/paint brushes. Since that's the case, getting back to regular cooking/eating might have to wait until the new counters are installed. Lame-o.

I had an electrician come and check out what is left to be done on the first floor. I took him through the house, outlining what is needed in each room, he went on his way and told me that he'd call me back. I checked my voicemail when we were finished up buying a bunch of crap from Home Depot, and he said it would cost $1000 to do the rest of the work. I laughed. I called him back and let him know that Ron Costa was paid 2 grand to do that work, plus switch the house to 200 amps. I also let him know that he wouldn't be getting the job. I have another electrician coming early this week.

As an aside, the electrician who came on Sunday has a super leaky eye. He was just constantly pouring water out of his left eye. It was very strange and a little gross.

I'll try to get some photos up of the progress this week. I'm sure everyone is interested in seeing the depressing squalor we live in.

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