Friday, May 15, 2009


Not much going on that's newsworthy, and thus, no post yesterday.

On the Ron the Electrician front, not much there either. No check yet. No call back yet.

I did contact someone at the RI Department of Labor and Training and he'll help me file a formal and legal complaint against good old Ron. Should prove to be a boring and drawn out process.

When I was looking around for info on Ron and his license number and whatnot, I cam across a fantastic site. It's Ron's profile on jobvana. Here it is:

It's fantastic. His profile picture is of two, apparently identical dogs, with what appear to be bows on their heads.

If you take a look at his profile, it's full of awesomeness. Various misspellings, an awesome about section, random capitalization, etc. I'm sure you can look through and find your favorite unintentional comedy (a misspelling right before his "Intelligent" strength), but here is my favorite:

Weaknesses: Big Heart.

Yes. That's his weakness. He cares too much.

He's tops.

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