Friday, May 29, 2009

It's In!

Even during all of the crappy weather, my landscaping professional soldiered on. No matter the temperature, the precipitation, or anything else, he's a true professional. Here's a look at his glorious work:

I kid. He did some work, but not much. He dug up some lawn, put down some loam and laid one, count it, one strip of sod. Maybe when I get home from work today something else will be done?

Here's a view of my driveway. I wrote about what's in it yesterday. This morning, the useless wall caps have been replaced by a palate of hopefully useful retaining wall blocks. Also, the red car mentioned yesterday has been replaced by a pile of fresh dirt (which I think runs more smoothly and is safer than my wife's car). I forgot to mention the closet doors and the grill back there...

Hope to get that video up today using stolen wireless. If it doesn't work, it'll be up tomorrow when the Verizon Fios folks come invade my house for hours and hours to give me internet.

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